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FEC wins SBA's inaugural Indiana Missions Lender Award

The Flagship Microloan Program was established in the summer of 2010 to help finance a few of the current business incubator clients at the Flagship Enterprise Center.  Since that time, the Flagship Enterprise Center has expanded to reach a 24 county region in Central Indiana and has approved more than 250 loans totaling over $6.2 million. 

We have met our vision by:

Creating New Jobs – Our microloan clients generated approximately $20 million in sales, $2.5 million in profit and employed 275 full time equivalent employees in 2014.

Mentoring and Providing Services – We have provided over 3,500 hours of technical assistance with borrowers in 2014 and project over 5,500 hours in the next 12 months.

Providing Access to Capital – We have made over 230 loans totaling over $5.1 million to Indiana small businesses who were unable to get financing at the same terms elsewhere.




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